Who are we?

The Magnolia Avenue Project is a multimedia production conglomerate based out of Carlsbad, California. As with many periods throughout history, but especially now with the advent of internet media, mainstream culture has spawned a blossoming counterculture as a byproduct of the constant search for independent art and the artistically-minded who comprise the scene.


The goal of the Magnolia Avenue Project is to serve as a voice for creators within this underground art and music scene. Drawing inspiration from alternative media giants of the past like MTV, we hope to act as a spokesperson and platform for the latest and greatest in underground art by way of our daughter companies and ongoing projects, including (but not limited to) our music label/collective, art journalism publication, freelance artist supported clothing brand, and video production team.


So what's the wait? Join, support, and stay informed on the best of underground art and music culture today by becoming a Patron, following our social media pages, subscribing to our newsletter, or simply enjoying art from any of the talented creators we hope to bring to your attention.


The team behind the MAP


Founder and CEO


Project Coordinator 


Music Director




Art Director

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Head of Internal Video Production

Lead Journalist (Magnolia Soup)