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Jett Little: The Mind Behind RipYears

Updated: May 19, 2020

San Marcos artist and musician, Jet Little, has a lot to offer to the ever-growing San Diego creative scene. He has been surrounded by art and music his entire life, as both of his parents were punk bassists in the '90s. Due to this upbringing, music has always absorbed Little. He works diligently on his projects into the late hours of the night, a nonstop labor incited by his love and passion for the art scene. He establishes solo projects as well as playing in a band, partaking in the delicate process of creating the varied sound each member desires. Little was the drummer for the band Bummer Dreams and is currently the drummer for The Hermetics, a psychedelic shoegaze funk-rock band from San Marcos. However, drumming is not Little's only passion. Seeing an opportunity to introduce raves into the San Diego music scene, he has always longed to put on DJ sets. This longing has inspired him to work towards performing at festivals and selling art digitally.

As with music, art has come naturally to Little. He started with conventional techniques but eventually found his passion for digital creations. His style is a combination of photo-shopping, image scanning, and cutting and pasting from magazines or random images he comes across. He typically starts with a black and white background then adds color to his work after the fact, both fitting and emphasizing the tone of the piece. A unique style he uses in his work is the inclusion of cryptic text, adding a depth to the image only realized upon further inquiry into the art.

During this era of social distancing, Jet is working on bringing more to the San Diego art and music scene. Now with the free time from the necessity to stay at home, he works non stop on his art and music. Little hopes to spread optimism to other creators in the scene by showing that, even without a physical presence, one can pursue their dreams in the art world. Social media is his venue, his profiles are his booths, and digital transactions replace in-person exchange. As for beginning creators, he has words of advice: Use the time now. Take control of the social media platforms and do live streams. Furthermore, when shows and venues begin to reopen, rejoin, appreciate, and use the resources provided by our art scene.

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